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Written Projects and Oral Presentations. Slide 1 – Animals name your name and period and a great picture Slide 2 – Continent your animal is located on with a photo Slide 3 – How many animals are left.

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For example the students could use one book one encyclopedia and one Internet source.

Endangered animal research project. The students should have at least 3 different resources for the report. Endangered Animals Brochure Project with Rubric. We started by doing research and taking notes when we found good info.

Animal research plays a significant role in helping endangered animal populations. Their reproductive rates are lower than their mortality rates over long periods of time so their numbers are diminishing. They will love that they have their own endangered animal to research and learn about.

If you browse down you will see a list of all of our current projects. Students must take on the role of an endangered African animal protection activist working to save. At Kids Planet there are also fact sheets on over 50 animals.

3rd Grade Endangered Animal Project 1. From assistive reproductive technology to vaccines for Ebola animal research is greatly benefitting species that may otherwise disappear due to disease or mans interference with the natural delicate balance of the worlds ecosystem. Guidelines You do not have to choose an animal.

An endangered animal is NOT a dangerous animal. A thorough list of endangered species is maintained by the WWF World Wildlife Fund. Endangered Species Topics for Research Papers.

An Endangered Species is one reduced to such low numbers of individuals that the population is at risk of becoming extinct. Click on the link below and sign up for the animal youd like to research. Students will research an animal that is listed on the Endangered Species ListStudents will document their information in a research report or may also present their information in an iMovie or Powerpoint.

The reserves on which we work mainly focus on research into African Wild Dog Cheetah Black Rhino and Vultures. Practice finding and gathering information online. Endangered Species Research Project Purpose To research the importance of saving your endangered species To persuade others through the use of media including but not limited to poster PowerPoint presentation or video to inform others about that particular species.

You will create a poster with GoogleDrawings to present your animal. Help students understand the difference between what an endangered extinct and a threatened species is with this mini-research project. Lesson for Kids Instructor.

ENDANGERED SPECIES CONSERVATION PROJECT ZULULAND SOUTH AFRICA Getting involved with Wildlife ACT means that you can actively help endangered and priority wildlife species conservation. Project 1 Pyramid Animal Research Display Project Project 2 Tri-fold Animal Brochure Project Project 3 Animal Research Flip Book Project 4 Animal Research Poster Project Project 5 News Report on an Endangered Animal Project 6 Compare and Contrast Animal Research Project Book There are 13 Additional Graphic Organizers. You may choose a plant species.

Endangered Animals Project What is an endangered animal. You might also be interested in using this Endangered Species PowerPoint as a starting point for a project on endangered animals. Use Red List IUCN Step 1.

Students have chosen an endangered species to research for the report. Use this sheet to guide students through a research report about any endangered animal. Here you can browse our current research projects by theme geographical area or just search for a keyword.

This could also be completed as a home learning task. Evidence of Work During this project each group in the class got to choose an animal on the endangered list to research and try to come up with ways people could help the population come backMy group chose the Giant Panda. One of the resources must be a book.

Learn about endangered animals. What size group do they live in. Your task is to research a specific endangered animal.

The evolution of animal rights protection throughout the past half of the century. Slide 5 – What are people currently doing to help this species. You will write a text to describe your animal.

There is a sheet with approved websites for research and themed final draft paper. For this project you will make a research to find information about an endangered animal. Research your animal using at least one book and 2 internet sources then create a report and oral presentation to educate others and help raise awareness of the threats this animal faces.

Mac before beginning your research. Endangered Animal ProjectThird Grade at CNCS2012 2. Endangered Animal Research Project 6th – 8th Grade.

The teachers will be checking out books on endangered. This is a fun and exciting way to get your students writing. Go to the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species website.

Additional Resources for Endangered Species Projects. Endangered animals are those species that are in danger of going extinct. This endangered species animal list with detailed information and photographs about locations habitats food size threats and more.

Use as a research project for Life Science or to go with the book The White Giraffe by Lauren St. Learn how to use an online note-taking tool. Includes research report assignment and rubric.

The biodiversity of endangered species and why its under bigger threat than it was a couple of decades ago. Your assignment is to select an endangered animal that is important to you. Students learn about an animal in each category plus learn what factors determine that animal to be in that category.

There is a graphic organizer that will guide them through the research process. Then we compiled it into a slide show where we answered questions and basically talked about what a. Create an online interactive image to share their endangered animal research.

Slide 4 – Top 3 Reasons your animal is endangered. Tawnya Eash Show bio Tawnya has a masters degree in early childhood education and teaches all subjects at an elementary school. Endangered Species Research Project Locate Endangered Species.

It is an animal that is at risk of disappearing it will stop existing. Third grade decided that they wanted to study animalsUpon further discussion they were most concerned aboutthe animals that might not be around very much longer. Organizer for Endangered Animals Research Project.

Please get approval of your animal choice from Mr. Follow the instructions below to. In this project tutorial your child will.

The downsides to the laws limiting the extinction of turtles. Endangered Species Research Project You will be making a presentation that incorporates many of the terms and ideas we have already discussed in class by researching an organism that has been determined to be Critically Endangered or Endangered according to the World Wildlife Fund. You should find that our core research draws on a wide range of natural science disciplines including ecology behaviour epidemiology genetics parasitology.

Perfect for a lesson when you have access to a school library or computers.

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