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Hinton its teenage author was graduating from her high school in Oklahoma. Two New Heroes NamedPonyboy and Johnny-Sodapop and Darry.

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The Outsiders Newspaper Project RubricGrading Criteria Title- Clearly reflects overall plot themes andor setting of the novel _____10 Lead Story- Contains 3-5 paragraphs and an attention grabbing headlineDetailed written description of the plot including exposition rising action climax falling action and resolutionsolution of the novel is present.

The outsiders newspaper article project. Rough draft write the article 500 word minimum. Make the newspaper page including headlines pictures etc. Write a eulogy for either Johnny Dally or Bob.

9 Write a newspaper article from the perspective of a journalist who is either a Greaser or Soc students choose between 2 events. We took interviews of the boys and the boys brothers. Montagues Vs Capulets Newspaper Article.

Describe the key moment in chapter 10 of The Outsiders. Create cover art for the jacket. Final copy 1-2 pages formatted as a newspaper you need to fill all the space.

It is johnny not john. Before students begin writing we read published newspaper articles. Take information from chapter 6 of The Outsiders and write a newspaper article about the fire at the church.

Teacher page with suggestions and extension ideas. Two teenagers dash in a Church that mysteriously caught on fire and rescues all the kids trapped in a building. The goal of this project is to get you both thinking and writing from a different perspective and demonstrating what you have learned from your reading of.

These two fellows are declared heroes. Shakespeare Project – Newspaper Article October 2019 140. Ponyboy curtis Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston are currently in the hospital after their audacious acts.

Every member is expected to contribute at a minimum the following. Figurative Language Chapters 1-2. You need to complete a rough copy edit it and write a good copy for this assignment.

Its hard living without them. This assignment gives you the opportunity to creatively tell the stories of the characters and events of S. He even left his.

Your article should be 300 words long. -Choose a character who you think would be asked to give a eulogy at the funeral. Posted 566 days ago Permalink.

Your story should follow the classic newspaper story outline of the 5Ws and 1H in an inverted paragraph. One Letter to the Editor. For English Class the only thing I.

Final draft – 1-2 pages formatted as a newspaper- you need to fill all the space- look at a real newspaper- no space is ever left empty. The Outsiders Newspaper Article. You will be writing 4 separate articles that will be compiled into one newspaper.

Currently our class is reading The Outsiders one of my all time FAVORITE novels. Your newspaper report should also include the following. One of the writing assignments the students work on is a newspaper article.

Includes every-thing you need to start. Students write an article describing the events of chapter 4 when Johnny kills Bob. A good newspaper article will answer the following questions in the opening paragraph.

Creative and unique handout with clear instructions expectations. Your newspaper articles will. Write Your newspaper report should.

Outsiders Newspaper Article Your Task. Who what when where and why. To help us better understand what exactly a coming of age story is we looked at the example of the movie Stand By Me and tried to draw some parallels between the two stories.

How is living without your parents. But we are now gettin used to it. The Outsiders was published 50 years ago this spring just as SE.

How to Write a Newspaper Article page. A Johnnys stabbing of Bob or b Johnny and Ponyboys rescue of the children in the church fire 10 In groups students brainstorm places to go for help when in a crisis. An Outsider Out of the Shadows by Dinitia Smith.

Our big bro is a big parental figure for us. The Outsiders Newspaper Project Students create the front page of a newspaper based on the events in the classic novel. I will deduct marks for articles.

Well we still miss em. After the ambulance came in to check on the rescued kids and the very injured. Posted 411 days ago Permalink.

The three young heroes without hesitation bolted into the church fire risking their lives for the lives of five children. The Outsiders Final Project For your final project on The Outsiders you may choose any ONE of the following projects. The kindergarteners along with their teachers were just having a tranquil picnic on top of Jay mountain when an unexpected fire caught the abandoned church.

Each group will produce a separate newspaper based on The Oustiders. Write this newspaper article. Hintons novel The Outsiders.

THE OUTSIDERS NEWSPAPER PROJECT. Download View 1 Li Steven – The Outsiders Newspaper Article as PDF for free. There are a few that are obvious and.

Design a Special Edition copy of The Outsiders. Newspaper Article Assignment. A After the fire a newspaper article is written about the boys being heroes.

The Outsiders Vocabulary 1-2. Browse all our Text to Text lesson plans. Writing Prompt Chapter 1.

Banished Newspaper Article October 2019 77. During the next few classes you will be working in small groups. Romeo Juliet Newspaper Article October 2019 61.

Create a book jacket. Students only need to answer 2 out of 3 Stand By Me questions. Monday February 17 1960.

Deep in the city of Oklahoma there are two gangs who literally despise each other and those to gangs are the socs and the greasersThe Socs and the Greasers were different in many ways. Juvenile Delinquents Turn Hero Ponyboys Brothers By Vanshika Mandhania Ruchi Patel 1. Previous page Page Next page.

The Outsiders Newspaper Project For this project you will be writing typing a newspaper article based on one of the scenes that we read in The Outsiders. As we read chapters 7 8 of the novel we considered how The Outsiders is a coming of age story. The Outsiders Newspaper Assignment Choose one significant event from the novel and create a newspaper article for that event Remember every good reporter answers the following questions.

For this assignment you need to write a newspaper article about an important event from the novel The Outsiders. The Outsiders Newspaper Project. THE OUTSIDERS – NEWSPAPER PROJECT – Students have fun creating a newspaper about the conflict between the Socs and the Greasers in the classic teen novel The Outsiders.

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