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Travel all the way through the earth. About This Quiz Worksheet.

Seismic Waves Worksheet

All types of waves transmit energy including beach waves sound light and more.

P and s waves worksheet. A multi-part instructional activity opens with a review of p waves and s waves. A wave has two crests and two troughs each second. A The S-waves produce more displacement than the P-waves.

Fill in the chart below P-wave travel time Distance from the Epicenter 2000 km 11 min 20 sec 6800 km 8 min 40 sec. Convert the following into scientific notation. Once performed the principles of P and S waves will not be easily forgotten.

After P waves come secondary or S waves. This quiz and worksheet will help gauge your understanding of P-waves. Compressional-P longitudinal and shearing-S transverse body.

Ad Download over 20000 K-8 worksheets covering math reading social studies and more. Unlike P waves which travel through bath solids and liquids S. C The P-waves produce more displacement than the S-waves.

The worksheet allows students to compare properties of P and S waves. They need to put 10 detectors around Japan and explain as part of a Dragons Den pitch how they can detect a tsunami. A longitudinal side-to-side seismic wave that travels through the interior of the Earth and is the first wave to be felt in an earthquake.

This is a GCSE graded task sheet on earthquakes tsunami P and S waves designed for independent learning. When an earthquake occurs it generates four different types of seismic waves. Show the earth has a solid.

S-waves are similar to the sine waves we have seen. TvVhen S waves reach the surfaca f-hev shake structures violently. Next pupils use cups and various fluids to simulate p waves moving through.

As the s-waves hit the boundary the impact creates another inner-earthquake and a. Figure 12 to compare P waves and S waves. S-waves can only travel through solids.

Students will produce P and S waves using a Slinky to understand how seismic waves transfer energy as they travel through solids. The following graph shows on the P and S waves from an earthquake no surface waves. For example if a wave was traveling to the right the movement of the ground would be up and down.

Waves and patterns Other contents. B The P-waves and S-waves produce the same displacement. Earthquake P-wave and S-wave Travel Time Worksheet 1.

Whereas P waves are able to travel in a liquid 3. The P wave causes the ground to shake back and forth. I have included exam style questions with mark schemes.

Find the difference between the P wave starting time and S wave starting time to determine the SP time gap. P waves are the smaller ones S waves are larger ones. The diagram shows the readings from three seismometers used to measure seismic waves emitted from the epicenter of an earthquake.

Then scholars use a simple s wave simulator to view the way the wave travels. 58Radio waves travel at the speed of light 300000 kms. P wave is short for primary wave or pressure wave.

Students play the role of a geological scientist working for company that is designing an earthquake detection system. The diagram has three parts and each part. The p-waves as they hit the boundary to the outer core create a second set of p-waves from the impact.

Travel in solid layers only. Explain how P and S waves provide evidence for Earths interior OVERVIEW Lined up shoulder-to-shoulder students are the medium that P and S waves travel through in this simple but effective demonstration. Topics you will need to know in order to pass the quiz include the classification of P-waves and.

After an earthquake S waves or Shear waves. 32 x 103 2. This is due to the difference in material between mantle and core.

A P-wave or S-wave traveled for a given travel time. Slide 11 Love. Convert the following out of scientific notation.

Exploring EARTHs structure using seismic waves. 4 x 103 b. In fact S-waves travel at 60 of the speed of P-waves.

We will focus on two of these. Then s-waves also come out from the impact and go back up through the mantle. The displacement is perpendicular or 90 degrees to the movement of the wave.

A Go to the travel time on the y-axis and go over to the correct curve b Go down to the x-axis to determine the epicenter distance. GCSE 9-1 physics and combined science SEISMIC WAVES. Discover learning games guided lessons and other interactive activities for children.

Worksheet Using the P-wave and S-wave Travel Time Chart Last modified by. The wavelength of a radio wave received at 200 megahertz is a. Answer the questions and use the graph at bottom find the distance from the earthquake 4.

S wayres are earthquake waves that vibrate from side to side as as and down They shüe the ground back aržd forth. Compress the material they travel through. If the wave travels an average distance of 8 meters in 4 seconds its wavelength is a.

Letter formation Add to my workbooks 1 Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom. It allows students to use these properties to understand how the structure of inner earth was discovered.

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Worksheet Earthquake P Wave S Wave Travel Time Chart Tutorial Ppt Download