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Grade 9 through Grade 12 High School Level Overview and Purpose. Ideal for the start of a lesson a quick filler part of a cover lesson or as a.

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Shakespeare is the master of puns metaphor simile personification synechdoche meiosis and hyperbole.

Romeo and juliet act 2 activities. The Graphic Novel — Graphic novel of Romeo and Juliet with all of. Enter BENVOLIO and MERCUTIO. Romeo and juliet act 2 scene 4 worksheets pdf Act 2 scenes 3 and 4.

4 weeks 21 lessons Day Act Scene Class Activity Notes 1 Introduction PowerPoint Activity Shakespeare in Love video clip 2 Performance puppets Make puppets Secret Lines handed-out. It would not only be fun but it would also help students identify the important elements of each scene and. Copies of Act 2 Scene 2.

Romeo and Juliet must have a minimum of 15 lines each 3. Romeo and Juliet Worksheets Act 1 and Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet c Pearson Education Limited 2008 Romeo and Juliet – Answer keys of 2 Answer keys LEVEL 3 PENGUIN READERS Teacher Support Programme Book key 1 a Stratford b 1564 c thirty-seven 2 a poison b crowbar c banish d vault 3 a sadly b Italy c enemies d always e a lot of money f was g Lord Capulet h Tybalt 45 Open answers 6 Sampson 3 Abram 3 Benvolio 7.

This Romeo and Juliet activity would be a great way to get students to revise the play as they go. Poetry and drama literary heritage controlled assessment. You must write in script format just as the play has been presented 2.

Report this resource to let us know if it violates our terms and conditions. 4 starter-style activities wordsearch crossword anagrams and alphabet analyser covering the theme of Romeo and Juliet Act 2. Includes space for students to explain the keywords and suggested extension activities.

The first lesson is focused on analysing language while the second takes a more creative approach we are practising skills for English Language Paper 2 alongside our study of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 1 and 2. Discuss responses with the class.

For Students 9th – 10th Standards. Draw out three columns and label the Mr Hennemans free worksheets study guides essay writing revision guidance and YouTube links. Tes classic free licence.

Romeo and Juliet meet and instantly fall in love. Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Prologue Fun Hands-On ActivityRace Shakespeare RJ After youve finished Act 1 of Shakespeares timeless tale of tragic love Romeo Juliet challenge your students with this fun hands-on activity in which they construct the opening prologue from Act 2 of RJ using only a pair of scissors and their witsLots of fun as your budding Shakespe. Romeo and Juliet Literary Analysis 5 out of 5 Teaching Romeo and Juliet involves teaching the following literary devices.

Activities checking understanding of Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and juliet act 2 worksheet pdf The climax in the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare occurs with the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet inside of the Capulet tomb. Act II scene ii Juliets BalconyRomeo and Juliet profess their love Act III scene i Verona SquareMercutio Tybalt die Prince banishes Romeo Act IV scene i Friar Lawrences CellFriar offers Juliet a plan so that she can be with Romeo Act V scene iii GraveyardParis dies Romeo dies Juliet dies the truth is revealed Unit Agenda.

At the end of each scene students could do a fun comic-book style photo-booth scene summary that they act out write dialogue for and then print and put in a comic-book template. Friar Lawrence must have a minimum of 10 lines 4. This is the first time we have met the Friar who will come to play an important part in the lives of Romeo and.

Teaching Romeo and Juliet involves teaching tragedy. Romeo Juliet – Act 2 Study Guide. As a group write Act 2 Scene 7 The Wedding and perform your Scene in front of the class.

Encourage your students to apply the rhyme scheme of a Shakespearean sonnet to correctly order the lines of the prologue to Act II of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Act 2 Scene 4. Romeo and Juliet Worksheets Act 1 Along with Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 2 Capulet and Paris whole Lesson and.

MERCUTIO Where the devil should this Romeo be. The tasks on this printable worksheet ask students to revise and consolidate their knowledge and learning of Act 2 from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Additional Audio Passage PDF SCENE.

The Nurse must have a minimum of 6 lines 5. Pptx 25289 KB. To connect students experiences with Romeo and Juliet through writing and discussion Specific Objectives.

Worksheets lesson plans activities etc. PowerPoint Slideshow — The projects in this slideshow are most of the projects from 2002. Lesson Plan Title.

Your passion for Act II of Romeo and Juliet will lend your readers power and time means to meet your expectations for an extreme worksheet. Romeo and Juliet Red Reader opinionnaire Anticipatory. – apply a variety of reading strategies by completing a journal entry after reading a selection independently.

Some of them earned As and some of them earned Cs. Two lessons exploring the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Take two sheets of A4 paper and turn it to landscape Romeo and juliet act 2 worksheet answers.

They are bases on the abridged version by Penguin Three Great Plays of Shakespeare pp5-9 Welcome to ESL Printables the website where English Language teachers exchange resources. Romeos speech from lines 133 A cleared classroom or hall 7 Activity 20 minutes. Holistic Overview of Romeo and Juliet Unit Plan Duration.

Head one Romeo and the other Juliet. Although designed for an honors class the questions could be used to. This was designed for a low ability Year 10 group.

This fully digital activity is easy to assign to students and includes an answer key. Romeo and Juliet Worksheets Act 1 and Romeo Juliet Act 2 Questions A Worksheet by Maz1 Teaching. ExPloring The langUage of romeoS SoliloQUy in the workshop the actor playing romeo.

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