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Students do not have to be the fastest completing this exercise to understand adjectives better than ever before. See in a Guided Lesson.

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Adjectives adding -er and -est.

Er and est words. We make the comparative or superlative forms of short adjectives by adding -er or -est for example. Use the endings -er and -est. Words Ending in e drop the e and add – est brave.

Young short cheap small. Suffixes with -er and -est – suffixes er and est – Barton 55 -er-est -ist – Suffixes -er -est sort – -est -er -en -ish – Suffixes. I wear my hair short_____ than you.

They show adding er and est to words to show comparison. Two-syllable adjectives In many cases use er and est. Words that start with est Words containing est.

Spelling Rule Just add -er or -est to the end of the adjective for example. If the adjective ends in -y it is replaced by -i. Using a selection of adjectives that can include -er and -est such as high old short happy narrow grumpy rich hard few and filthy guide the students in creating new.

Fine 2 This is the cake Ive ever tasted. Browse our Scrabble Word Finder Words With Friends cheat dictionary and WordHub word solver to find words that end with est. Most words just add er or est.

Fred is loud_____ than Maria in the classroom. More sweet than sour. Adjectives adding -er and -est.

Found 2487 words that end in est. These worksheets give students practice in adding er or est to the end of adjectives to make comparisons tall taller tallest. Small smaller smallest 3.

Er and est suffixes. Between two items er. Basic Words just add – est bright.

Ripe 4 The old lion was the of the lot. Learn this spelling list using the Look Say Cover Write Check activity. Reading writing Word Structure Adjectives with -er and -est Grammar Grammar and Mechanics.

Tame 5 King Solomon was the of all men. Includes regular words as well as words ending in e words with a short vowel and words ending in y for children to practise adding – er-est to words with differing endings. Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play.

Adjectives with er and est Some adjectives end in -er and -est. One-syllable adjectives In almost all cases use er and est big bigger biggest small smaller smallest thin thinner thinnest. Er and est suffixes.

Nice 3 The apple was than the pear. Adjectives – Adding er and est. Words for Adding Suffixes – er and – est Word Cards SB9725 Printable word cards featuring words for adding the suffixes – er and – est.

One-Syllable Adjective Comparative Form Superlative Form tall taller tallest old older oldest long longer longest Mary is taller than Max. Fill in the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives. Words that end with one vowel and one consonant need a double letter before adding er or est.

Print worksheets and activities using the word list. To print a suffix er worksheet go to our printable adjective worksheets where youll find 1st grade manuscript worksheets and 2nd or 3rd grade. Clever cleverer cleverest.

1 The weather is much today. Mary is the tallest of all the students. Comparison of adjectives with -er and -est Exercise.

Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Worksheet 3. When we add -er or -est to words ending in e we drop the e. Milo is the cute_____ dog on the street.

Using er and est. Words ending in y change the y into an i before adding er or est. Thank you for your input.

Young short cheap small dark long warm sweet. Old older oldest 2That is a very _____ car. Write the adjective on the line.

Adjectives adding -er and -est. Test yourself using the Listen and Spell spelling test. In some expressions however even one-syllable adjectives use more to form the comparative.

Spelling games using the word list. Compared to his friends he is the. There can be some exceptions.

We make the comparative or superlative forms of short adjectives by adding -er or -est for example. Tame 5 King Solomon was the of all men. Worksheet 5 Adjectives adding -er and -est.

Print worksheets and activities using the word list. Comparative Words With er and est. Drop the e before adding er or est.

Er and est suffixes. Do you need help. Form the comparative and superlative forms of a one-syllable adjective by adding er for the comparative form and est for the superlative.

When we add -er or -est to words ending in e we drop the e. Adjectives adding -er and -est. And between more than two est.

-er-ier -est-iest Community Suffixes er est. Words ending in e. These adjectives compare nouns.

Its not a very nice thing to say but if he is the fattest in a group we would add est. Choose the correct adjective in parenthesis to complete each sentence. _____Martin is than Marcia.

Adjectives with er and est Some adjectives end in -er and -est. Adjectives that have two syllables and end in -er – y – ow or -le are also suffixed with -er or -est or they are extended to them accordingly. Merely -er and -est are appended.

Your chair is the hard_____ there is. Funny funnier funniest.

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